A new attempt to get creationism into schools

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Re: A new attempt to get creationism into schools

Postby Roger Stanyard » Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:27 pm

cathy wrote:But actions speak louder than words and Marc is more than happy to turn people from Christianity (despite what his church seems to believe about the consequences for the 'unsaved') and completely wreck the reputation of his church, his Christian faith and his God for it.

He attends a openly and blatently YEC church (our YEC churchs at least keep it a bit quiet-don't push it too hard and certainly don't advertise it too blatenly yet). He has said disenting views are NOT promoted in his church and there is no balance. If you attended and started to try and inject balance I doubt you would survive there for long. Or at least not happily. He has said that anyone not accepting it will be led (read coerced/bribed-you want God it would be better to swallow this YEC crap) to it.

He links to creationist websites where people like Steve Lloyd have clearly stated that they've developed talks especially for those agnostic on the issues because they see them as divisive and not important enough to warrent that divisiveness. In short creationists want thinking people out of positions of authority in churches. And nowhere on Marcs website does it seem to clearly suggest YECism is not necessary for believe in God or salvation-contrary to what he says here.

So I would guess Marcs honest answer would be yes he does agree. Intelligent people, capable of seeing through YEC arguments are not welcome in church and shouldn't play any important leadership roles.
Just as an addition, Marcs little club the Edinburgh Creation Group say they want Edinburgh to be a creationist city. You can't achieve that with sane intelligent pastors/vicars/priests telling the truth.

Or, put it another way, he's an Ayatollah Wannabe. Wants Christianity to be exclusively creationist, wants Edinburgh to be an exclusively creationist city and any dissent is banned.

Shown his real colours, then. A complete theocrat. It would be frightening if it didn't display such utter bigotry. The mind of an ideologue who cannot comprehend that his opinions are just ideology.
Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities - Voltaire
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Re: A new attempt to get creationism into schools

Postby cathy » Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:43 am

Well it's been a long five years since Gove announced his free schools and academies programme! And this fact about how stupid the idea was isn't actually relevant to the numbers of loony schools that the BCSE has had to spend five years fighting. Nor the fact that Islamic fundamentalists used his academy programmes and increased freedoms from sanity to introduce mini caliphates in Brummie schools. The stupid consequences relevant to BCSE.

No this bit of news is more general and refers to the another obvious consequence of removing LEAs (by starving them of cash) and letting schools run as individual entities or individual trusts. Numbers of pupils v numbers of school places. Predicted five years ago and finally coming home to roost.

Today is primary school offer day and in some areas there aren't enough places. Cos it was LEAs what used to look at birth rates and forward plan. Not loony parent/religious/profit hungry individuals. It appears free schools have failed to fill the gaps by the simple oversight of being set up in the wrong places! And academies, as independent entities, have failed to look at birth rates and forward plan five years hence by virtue of being broke and living year to year and being schools.

Gove may be gone but his loony legacy lives on in the Trojan Horse scandal, the lack of places scandal and the fact that lots of science teachers are jumping ship to avoid his next big blunder - the 2015 A level reforms. Yep starting in Sept, we still don't have a clue what this next change will fully herald. And we've run out of cash anyway - so much for the extra dosh we thought we'd get for early conversion.

So it'll be a while before you can hang up your boots and relax. The threat hasn't gone because education is now a huge mess and who knows what will happen. Gove's legacy will take a lot of time and cash to fix and whose to say Sylv won't learn from Trojan Horse and sneak in under the under the radar of desperation?
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