pollen found in the Roraima formation?

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pollen found in the Roraima formation?

Postby Peter Henderson » Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:14 pm

Right folks, this claim has been put to me several times by poohboy on Prremier's forum who claims it equates to finding a rabbit in the Cambrian i.e. it disproves millions of years and evolution:

http://www.premiercommunity.org.uk/foru ... _com_forum

Tell me, what do you know of pollen found in the Roraima formation?

I assume he's repeating the claim from here:


which appears to be quoting/quotemining this (which he's referred me to):


Please, could someone who's got a better knowledge of the geology of this region and what Silvestru and Weiland's claims are not answer the wee shite ? I've googled this and can't find anything at all on the creationist claims on this study.
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Re: pollen found in the Roraima formation?

Postby Michael » Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:00 pm

The YEC trick is to select an odd paper on a remote area and cite that.

Further the paper is 1966 and a lot of radiometric techniques and understanding were not in place e.g. over variable dates in the same rock. I can say that as I was listening to colleagues of Norman Snelling (ref 7) discussing the problem in 1967/8 and I cannot remember whether Norman was with them.

Further there seems nothing more recent on it so I can make no comment

Anyway if it is from CMI it can't be true

PS dont forget the alleged pollen in the Precambrian at the bottom of the Grand Canyon
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Re: pollen found in the Roraima formation?

Postby Brian Jordan » Sat Jul 09, 2011 5:58 pm

Not my field, but Google produced this:
Correa Neto
4th October 2004, 10:21 AM
Check http://www.sbgeo.org.br/rgb/vol26_down/2604/2604217.pdf

Roraima Fm. age is between 1.7 to 1.4 Ga (billion years) - Thats Middle Proterozoic.

Its in Portuguese, but the abstract is in English. The article is a bit old (1996) but still quite younger than the references dating back from the 60s presented about the supposed mystery.

Same story- someone with poorly-developed understanding of how science works finds an old paper that may fit with its views. And makes no further checking or tracking, since this could ruin its cause.

Bottomline- its either contamination of the samples (note they were collected on an expedition looking for orchids) or simply it was a mistaken identification, and there were no pollens at all. Such an important finding would no be forgotten.

Sure, we evil-devil-worshippers-geoscientists-members-from-the-illuminati have a tendency to keep the truth away from the populace...
The link to the pdf is dead, but its absence is more than made up for by the next comment:
Soapy Sam
4th October 2004, 05:13 PM
Seems to me that if this dude doesn't believe in the precambrian anyway then he really has no problem.
Priceless. :D
That the story, however dead, won't lie down is shown by its recent surfacing along with another story: A Tale of Two Pollens
http://crev.info/content/110629-tale_of_two_pollens which concludes with this telling jibe about the Antarctic part of the story:
“The muddy treasure trove was locked away beneath almost 100 feet of dense sedimentary rock,” the article said. Putting aside the evolution-incestuous dating of the core samples, can’t you hear Silvestru and Wieland smirking, “sounds like a global flood.”

Edit: or should that be "unwitting jibe", in view of the source? I don't think I'd like to describe any of my friends as "smirking". Maybe it's different in the USofA?
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Re: pollen found in the Roraima formation?

Postby Dagsannr » Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:31 pm

For every single discrepancy pulled out of poor quote mining and selective reporting by the cDesign proponentists I can show them 100 good, proven and robust examples that contradict their claim.

Time and time again, the creationists seem to think that a single example disproves a strong, well tested theory, all the while insisting that the vast number of evidences put against their own pet idea don't count.

A mystery in science prompts more testing, adjustment of theories (if necessary) and an acknowedgement of new findings.
A mystery in creation prompts an announcement that god did it and they leave it there or, alternatively, ignore it and move on.
There are 2 types of people in the world:

Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
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Re: pollen found in the Roraima formation?

Postby jon_12091 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:50 am

I found this web page
Which seems to suggest that the Roraima may be Upper Mesozoic - it is also the name of a Group / Supergroup - I'm guessing there been some tweaking of the stratigraphy since the 60's - personally I wouldn't attempt to explain the finer points of stratagraphic nomencluture to Ploughboy. Reading between the lines suggests that the sequence is thick (>2000m), widespread on a continental scale, of complex stratigraphy, was deposited over a very long period of time and has erosion features infilled by more recent sediments.
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