John Metcalfe books in WH Smiths - who is he?

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Re: John Metcalfe books in WH Smiths - who is he?

Postby franknhonest » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:57 pm

John Metcalfe is (or was) the leader of a sect in Buckinghamshire, and founded the John Metcalfe Publishing Trust (which publishes his books and tracts). I spent a weekend in Tylers Green back in the early 1990s and attended several of his meetings. You can find the JMPT online (there are several sites). I was interested to hear this man may have died in the past few years, as there is no indication of this on these websites - maybe there has been some confusion? However I wouldn't be surprised if Metcalfe was dead and the sect is just trying to give the impression he is not. He seemed to have an iron grip over his followers and in the meetings at Tylers Green today his old sermon tapes are played. Metcalfe stopped attending the meetings a good while ago, so who knows where the old b*gger is - living as a hermit or 6 feet under?

I don't know if Philip Metcalfe (on the board of TiS) is this John Metcalfe's son, or someone else. There is a farm up north (see which is run by a Metcalfe family, apparently including a "John and Thora Metcalfe". Not sure if this is the same guy, but could well be???

John Metcalfe split from his wife in the mid 80s when there was a rift in the sect. She returned back up north while John stayed in the High Wycombe area to continue running his sect.

There is another (completely different) guy called John Metcalfe who is a reader at St John the Baptist Church in Wonersh. As far as I know he is not in the YEC movement, although I could be wrong.
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2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Postby a_haworthroberts » Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:32 pm

I've just emailed CMI as follows:

In 'The Greatest Show on Earth: the Evidence for Evolution' Dawkins
discussed the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and outlined how it does not
make evolution an impossibility - because the Earth is an open system
receiving heat energy from the Sun. Jonathan Sarfati's book 'The
Greatest Hoax On Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution' does NOT
disagree with this.

So exactly WHEN can we look forward to this particular argument about
the Second Law being added to CMI's list of `Arguments Creationists
should not use'?

Or do CMI STILL wish to use this discredited argument on their
website? ... nswers-to-
critics (Question 1)
"An open system exchanges both matter and energy with its
surroundings. Certainly, many evolutionists claim that the 2nd Law
doesn't apply to open systems. But this is false".
"Open systems still have a tendency to disorder. There are special
cases where local order can increase at the expense of greater disorder
elsewhere. One case is crystallization, covered in Question 2 below.
The other case is programmed machinery, that directs energy into
maintaining and increasing complexity, at the expense of increased
disorder elsewhere. Living things have such energy-converting machinery
to make the complex structures of life".
"The open systems argument does not help evolution. Raw energy cannot
generate the specified complex information in living things. Undirected
energy just speeds up destruction".

So. It seems CMI are NOT using the discredited argument - but are
nevertheless trying to suggest that the 2nd Law somehow makes evolution
DIFFICULT. It would also appear that Dr Sarfati is (a) using a strawman
argument when he refers to sunlight and (b) quietly shifting the focus
away from evolution to abiogenesis.

"I suggest that thermodynamic arguments are excellent when done
properly, and the 'open systems' canard is anticipated". WHAT ON EARTH
does that mean? Of course most YECs won't bother asking!

Having seen Dr Sarfati's online exchanges with Garth V on 15 April,
would he care to define what he meant by 'raw energy' or 'undirected
energy' from the Sun (as distinct from the presumably 'directed' energy
that he agrees is involved when it come to photosynthesis)?

I have tried to do my homework on this; those who are anti YEC-ism but
have done their homework normally get IGNORED by YECs if their points
cannot easily be dealt with! Such is life.

I hope I don't need 'remedial instruction'.

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Re: John Metcalfe books in WH Smiths - who is he?

Postby PeterR » Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:27 pm

I am pretty certain that the John Metcalfe in Buckinghamshire to whose books the OP refers has no family connection with the Metcalfes in North Yorkshire to whom others have referred here, and I would suspect he has no church connection (directly) with any other church in the UK than his own. I also know of another conservative Christian family of Metcalfes in another part of the North of England, and I have a feeling they are unrelated to either of the above - I'm guessing the surname is less uncommon than one might suppose!

I do know that the person in John Metcalfe's organisation who used to promote his books to bookshops some 15 to 20 years ago was difficult to shake off :roll: so perhaps this explains them turning up in places where one might not otherwise expect to find them.
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Re: John Metcalfe books in WH Smiths - who is he?

Postby Brian Jordan » Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:44 pm

Hello PeterR. Welcome to the forum.
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