Lest we be complacent...

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Lest we be complacent...

Postby Brian Jordan » Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:32 pm

I noticed this at the tail end of a letter to the Guardian on a largely unrelated topic.
My partner recently went for an interview at a Creationist operated Comprehensive Academy where she was most saddened to see the same divisive doctrines being applied almost 50 years later.
(my emphasis) If he's right, perhaps it's time Gove bought some new glasses. Maybe he's so shortsighted he could get them free on the NHS, while it lasts. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/dec/03/faith-schools-religious-discrimination-boundaries
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Re: Lest we be complacent...

Postby cathy » Thu Dec 05, 2013 10:21 am


Hmm but the article contained the same old Dawkins led crap about faith schools! For the record the creationists bcse has unearthed in schools have all been in non faith schools - eg Nick Cowan! Faith is just a another way for middle class parents to get into better schools and the less well performing traditional faith schools are rarely segregated by faith and instead contain anyone. Though the Islamic ones are a problem and will continue to be one while Gove continues to remove checks and balances.

Free schools and academies are the real problems!!!! Yet none of the anti faith school lobby, nor the tv channels, nor Dawkins or even the Guardian have picked up on that at all, they just keep spouting the same old crap that Dawkins was pumping out in his underresearched polemic on the faith school menace. That is where the real loony fatih heads are getting in, eg Al Madinah. Of course that isn't taking into account all the dodgy financial frauds and pocket lining that is also a feature of academies and free schools. I've yet to see a school that has improved by becoming an academy for example.

And for the record my workplace is round the corner from the outstanding RC school my second child attended. She's never come across a creationist there, yet we are getting them. We have yet another one in year 10! We've now started playing talkorigins you tube clips to them.

We had a perfectly ok education system, not perfect but working, including faith schools. Now we don't. Simples.
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