How biblical creationists too are forced to add to scripture

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How biblical creationists too are forced to add to scripture

Postby a_haworthroberts » Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:15 am

Because Genesis and the rest of the Bible most certainly does NOT provide a complete, detailed and scientifically accurate description of the history of planet Earth.

Consider this. If I was a 'biblical' creationist considering origins, how might I try to explain mammoth fossils found at the bottom of the North Sea (item on The One Show on Tues and again tonight)? Well, according to YECs, a violent (and recent in geological terms) Genesis flood with tsunami-like waves and rapidly rising sea levels for a few months somehow took marine fossils all the way to many of today's inland places eg the Himalaya or the North American interior. So perhaps the same flood's waves could carry the bones of drowned land animals away from where they died to places which - if you rely on the Bible alone - you would assume have always been below sea level. (Or, if you adopt the unbiblical dogma of some flood geologists that the 'recessive' stage of the Genesis flood was also violent and destructive, perhaps such bones could have been carried off Great Britain eg caught on tree debris into the area of the North Sea as the flood was receding.)

However, although a sola scriptura approach to the Bible by these creation 'scientists' does NOT suggest such a thing, the evidence that eg parts of the North Sea were once above land and Great Britain was once joined to mainland Europe is undeniable eg peat has been found under the North Sea (far from today's coastlines). Where does the Bible ever hint at LOWER (rather than HIGHER) sea levels in the (recent) past?

Ice age glaciations are of course real history. Apart from the odd verse in the Psalms or Job about ice and snow which YECs blow out of proportion, the Bible says NOTHING about such events and God's promise after the Genesis flood ended most certainly does not hint that the flood would be followed by an ice age that would distort the normal seasons and thus seedtime and harvest. Yet YECs are forced to accept the reality of past glaciation in places that are now ice free for most of the year (though their timescale only permits a single and 'rapid' ice age). Why? Because science reveals unseen past events that the writers of the Bible knew nothing about (I commented this week to a recent CMI article that the Bible writers knew nothing about the true age of the Earth and received a silly reply along the line of how Jesus understood this perfectly). This is eisegesis. Just like any other Christian who tries to explain origins to the sceptic by STARTING with the Bible, YECs are forced to ADD to scripture. Thus even those who try to defend Genesis as infallible history and 'true' science are forced to accept SOME extra-biblical scientific realities. These realities of course force them - like all other Christians when it comes to origins (some of these ignore some Bible verses or re-interpret them based on logic eg to say the Genesis flood was not global despite Genesis rather absurdly implying that it was) - to ADD TO SCRIPTURE in order to make any kind of case regarding a past that nobody alive today could have observed.

Of course if you insist upon an unbiblical post-flood ice age glaciation then you can 'solve' that other problem of lower sea levels in the past and mammoths living (well for a few hundred years anyway) in the area of today's North Sea (before then mysteriously going extinct). An ice age solves the problem - not solved by scripture alone - of lower sea levels in the past and the shallow North Sea 'once' being reduced in size and England being physically joined to the continent.

Thus the idea that YECs adopt sola scriptura is a bit of a MYTH.

I will also flag this at the Bill Nye debate thread.
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