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Re: Over-zealous posters/spammers

Postby a_haworthroberts » Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:40 pm

Just to add - as an afterthought I had today, after an email exchange with Brian late last night (my reply was in the early hours).

I plan to try and stop sending - as emails copied to anti-creationist bloggers, participants in debates elsewhere, and other young earth creationists - responses/comments/questions that I might want to raise about new articles on the AiG and CMI websites or other topical issues like the Ham-Nye debate. I agree that whilst some recipients do respond to my messages and don't attack me for sending them, technically I am spamming people even if the topic may be of interest (my emails may be being blocked in some places in fact).

I still plan to send my PERSONAL comments, via their websites, to AiG and CMI about any new website articles I disagree with. They might be read, who knows. CMI never publish or refute my comments, and AiG do not even allow critical comments on specific articles. I do not consider that would be spamming - I think spamming would be pro-actively contacting websites because I felt like it and saying the same thing over and over without backing up what I say eg "you are spreading misinformation" or "you are enemies of science".

Since I know my messages will NOT appear on the websites concerned, and given that I'm not very keen on starting a blog, I still plan to post SOME not all of them here under 'Conversations with Creationists'. I will try to cut back on the volume but if I break no community forum rules then anybody who considers that to be spamming would I think be widening the definition of that term.
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