Gove, Hunt and Ofsted.

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Gove, Hunt and Ofsted.

Postby cathy » Sat Jun 07, 2014 12:10 pm

Gove and Trojan Horse scandal goes on apace, with calls for the inspection regime to include, for the first time ever, looking at children exposed to extremism. ... d-criteria

Labour belatedly entering a debate the should have entered four years ago. But Tristram Hunt said this
Appearing alongside Gove at the Policy Exchange event , Hunt was expected to accuse the education secretary of "gross negligence" for failing to ensure local oversight of schools to ensure their study programme was "broad and balanced".

"I think the time is right for Ofsted to introduce a new inspection criteria to its inspection framework, so that no school can be judged as good or outstanding unless it is delivering a broad and balanced curriculum that will equip our children with the skills for success in the future," Hunt was expected to say.

He will add: "Michael Gove's gross negligence comes at the cost of our children's education. For years he has been warned that the lack of local oversight in our school system will damage education standards. We are now seeing the results: schooling skewed to prevent a broad and balanced education; gender discrimination among staff; children exposed to extremist views."

I can't help feeling the bits I've highlighted could equally be applied to creationism. It is an extremist view, it does the opposite of equipping children with skills for the future, especially an increasingly technical future and if the debate has been opened by Trojan Horse, surely now is the time to get involved and ensure creationist forays are seen for what they are. Akin to what has been claimed in Brum, often linked to much of the same sorts of gender and sexuality discrimination and backward looking and medieval.

I can't help feeling this is an interesting issue for BCSE. Gove will have to react, Ofsted will have to be trained to look out for protection against extremism. If we are looking for extremism it cannot be linked just to Islamic extremism it has to be all extremism. Would be a win in the fight against creationism, would be a win in terms of avoiding the racism/islamaphobia card. And if it doesn't get linked to debates arising from this mess, I can't see the opportunity ever arising again.

What does anyone else think? Are changes to Ofsted something BCSE should contribute to? After all the previous problems are all to do with the fact that Ofsted did not look for things like creationism, it was neither within its remit or skills set. Five years ago I wouldn't have had a clue what was going on, now I can smell a rat the minute I hear certain buzz words.
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