Ken Ham - politicised fundamentalist science rejection ...

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Ken Ham - politicised fundamentalist science rejection ...

Postby a_haworthroberts » Tue Mar 24, 2015 6:06 pm

... posing as Bible exegesis.

Here. ... te-change/
"If you accept the man-made idea that the Earth is millions of years old and that the ice cores in Antarctica and Greenland preserve a supposed record of hundreds of thousands of years of climate patterns, then modern trends in climate change are startling and seemingly caused by human activity. But the Bible records the true history of the Earth. Our world is not millions of years old but only a few thousand years old, and it was affected by a catastrophic global Flood and the subsequent Ice Age. Our climate was designed by an all-wise and all-knowing Designer, and He has promised that our seasons will continue: “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22)."

What does Genesis 8:22 state? That after the flood no similar massive judgement would follow on the planet and that seedtime and harvest would not cease. One could perhaps also assume from the verse that no 5 Celsius decrease or increase in world temperatures might occur - ie an ice ice glaciation or dangerous global warming (both of which would make successful harvests very difficult in most parts of the globe). (Global warming or global cooling both have nothing to do with any change to Earth''s tilt - the cause of distinct seasons for some and changing day length away from the equator.)

So how does Ken Ham make use of this verse? He blatantly ignores it when his agenda demands it in order to insist - totally falsely - that an 'ice age' occurred around 4,000 years ago (YECs date the claimed Genesis flood at around 4,500 years ago). But then he makes use of the SAME verse to insist in effect that dangerous global warming will not occur because the recent warming is 'not' caused by humans (as if man-caused warming was unbiblical) and is - as he has said before - 'natural' and simply a 'recovery' from a 'global flood' or a 'recent ice age' or both. But ALL you get from Genesis is that there was an (apparently) global flood judgement (not caused by climate change but by an extreme one-off inundation by water from above and below), but that flood event then came to an end and then God promised what is recorded in Genesis 8:22. But oftentimes Ken Ham prefers his own science opposing agendas to straightforward Bible exegesis. Current climate change/global warming is NOT a 'recovery' either from a fictional worldwide flood event 4,500 years ago or from a fictional (since the last glaciation ended much earlier) and utterly unbiblical ice age occurring slightly more recently! Thus Bill Nye is not wrong to suggest that Ken Ham is something of a climate change denier - ie he tries to use the Bible to DENY the most likely cause of climate change which is human activity and to imply that we should not take any action and that the problem will eventually sort itself out.

Am I wrong? Please explain to me if you believe I am. I do not believe in spreading wilful ignorance - unlike Mr Ham appears to love doing.
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