Exegesis - or Eisegesis as more YEC propaganda?

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Exegesis - or Eisegesis as more YEC propaganda?

Postby a_haworthroberts » Wed May 20, 2015 9:21 pm

http://crev.info/2015/05/news-from-eden/ 'News from Eden.'
Apparently Genesis 10:5 and Genesis 11:8-9 inform us that "the descendents of Japheth (eldest son of Noah) migrated toward Europe after the Tower of Babel dispersion"*. And the YEC blogger wishes to highlight a research finding reported in Science Daily that "Geneticists have discovered that most European men descend from just a handful of Bronze Age forefathers, due to a 'population explosion' several thousand years ago". This of course is presented as a finding which fits "naturally with a Genesis view of natural history". I would like to know how. Since we are NOT talking about the WORLD population but about solely about men in EUROPE and the MIDDLE EAST. Why do intelligent YECs blatantly cherry pick or even warp facts in order to 'support' their pre-determined non-scientific 'historical' narratives?

And the blogger has discovered the 'true meaning' of Genesis 3:14 (part of the Curse where God addresses the serpent) including the phrase "on your belly you shall go". This is what the verse 'really' means: "In the Genesis 3 account of the Fall and the curse, the serpent is condemned to crawl on its belly. This suggests that snakes originally had some other form, perhaps with legs". (Has he run that past Ken Ham?) Incidentally the scientists think the snakes' ancestors originated in the southern hemisphere - not that they radiated across the Earth from wherever Noah's Ark is thought to have pitched up as the floodwaters receded.

Awe and the sounds of nature were beneficial to Adam and Eve. Though they still sinned apparently.

And what should Christians make of a finding reported in Current Biology that "A recent study shows that brain connectivity in Drosophila melanogaster follows a small-world, modular and rich-club organisation that facilitates information processing. This organisation shows a striking similarity with the mammalian brain"? It's further evidence in support of Genesis Creation! "In Genesis, flies and mammals did not evolve separately over millions of years, but were created within two days." (I thought it was the SAME day.) This is all another 'problem' for evolutionary theory it would appear.

"Creationists look to the first humans as being stronger and fitter than our mutation-afflicted population." NO Bible verse is offered in support.

And apparently there is extreme prejudice against atheists in the US, for whatever reason. They cause people Thoughts of Death. Why is this? Perhaps it's because of their rejection of God and of the fellowship with God that is recorded in Genesis 1 and 2.
http://www.livescience.com/50872-atheis ... death.html

The article also provides a chilling example of the "the twisted evolutionary view of humanity" - as further confirmation of the reliability of Genesis! What twisted view is that? Why (apart maybe from the fact that the writer in question unwisely allowed her article to appear under a photograph of Charles Darwin), it's that sexual reproduction is inefficient! (How can God's plan - for those species which use sex for reproduction - possibly be inefficient?! Though the Curse did involve pain during childbirth - he seems to have forgotten that verse.) Her explanation of this efficiency and the possible advantages for humans in particular is cited (the reason that we need two sexes is because it improves the overall genetic quality of a species and reduces the risk of population extinction). HOWEVER, CREV helpfully points out: "This fails to explain why microbes and other asexual organisms continue to do so well." Take that you twisted evolutionists.

And the conclusion, typed in a restful green print:
"We hope these entries will help dispel the evolutionary fogma from your eyes, and cause you to rejoice in the beautiful fit of science to the creation story found in Genesis. Evolutionary explanations seem forced and unnatural. The timescale is all off. Creation, Fall, Flood, Dispersion—all these accounts really happened. Why are we surprised that the evidence fits? Why are we worried that evolutionists have a better “scientific” story? They don’t. They’re largely God-hating atheists who love Darwin. They’re determined to erase God from their thinking. When you acid-wash the Darwin bigotry out of the articles, and then take out the long-age assumptions, the real evidence fits Genesis. Read the book."

Nothing forced about that. It's all plain and simple.

(The CREV blog provides links to the relevant Bible verses - when such are provided.)

This person bans any comments I attempt to make under his blogs.

I think I can probably guess WHY.

* PS I gather that this is a traditional belief, not something invented by this blogger. Presumably the descendants of at least one of Noah's sons would have ended up in Europe.
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