More divisiveness from CMI (with one Jim Bendewald)

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More divisiveness from CMI (with one Jim Bendewald)

Postby a_haworthroberts » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:30 am 'DNA Battles. A brand-new DVD documentary demolishes the deceptive claims of Biologos.'

I haven't read that book by Venema and McKnight nor viewed the new 'DNA Battles' young earth creationist DVD (and I have no qualifications in genetics). I simply point out the manner in which these particular young earth creationists are attacking this 2017 book by other Christian authors in the new CMI article.

What are CMI and Bendewald (from the 'Evidence Press') bothered about, according to Gary Bates?

"Jim says, “My pastor told me about a creation versus evolution book that is getting a lot of attention among pastors and seminarians. It’s a book that was funded and promoted by Biologos, so I knew it was going to be interpreted in an evolutionist, old-Earth viewpoint and that concerned me."
"Jim felt that Adam and the Genome was spinning the scientific evidence to fit the Biologos old-Earth narrative."
"Jim notes, “For example, although Venema never used the term ‘junk DNA’, rather he used the junk DNA concept as a basis to support his arguments, as if junk DNA was still true today.”"
"... junk DNA has gone down as one of the biggest mistakes in the history of evolutionary biology. Jim was aghast as to why a supposedly Christian organization would even mention this when they clearly know the history of this argument. He said, “It made me angry that they would overtly twist the data to support their view. The book is cunningly deceptive.” DNA Battles powerfully ties these issues together for the viewer to show the pervasive nature of the book’s deception."
"He adds “Another example is Venema’s claim as to the genetic similarity between humans and chimps. Venema writes that we have about 25,000 genes and 99% of them are identical to chimps. But Venema fails to mention the deceptive way evolutionists came up with the close proximity numbers..."
"Venema wrote, ‘No matter how you slice it, the human and chimpanzee genome are nearly identical to one another.’ This is unbelievable as it is not supported at all by the scientific evidence...”"
"In DNA Battles, creationist, cell-biologist Nathaniel Jeanson reveals that Biologos scientists ignore biblical-creationist arguments and evidence. Jeanson said concerning Biologos scientists, “They are not really interested in dialog; they just want evangelical acceptance. They are not interested in discussing the science; they want to discuss, ‘Do you think I am a Christian or not?’ and they want the answer to be yes.” "
"DNA Battles exposes Biologos’ false teaching regarding modern humans going back 100,000 years. The movie thoroughly lays out why this is wrong, scientifically and theologically."
As is often the case, this sounds like YECs performing a 'hatchet job' and tearing other stuff down that they are angry about (not only 'bad' theology but also current scientific understandings) - all for the benefit of their biased supporters (to whom they, like Biologos, want to sell DVDs and books). ... the-genome

Unlike Dennis Venema (but not Scot McKnight) Jim Bendewald is not, and has apparently never been, a scientist (it's not clear whether he actually speaks on the new - 78 minute - DVD but Bates describes it as his 'latest documentary project' so I suspect he does): ... historical (there's a two minute advertising video here with some familiar faces offering soundbites) ... historical
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