Latest rather dogmatic post on CMI website

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Latest rather dogmatic post on CMI website

Postby a_haworthroberts » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:51 pm ... rs-warning
''... A world-wide flood would destroy most pre-existing rock layers and lay down its own set of rock layers. In other words, if you believe in a global flood, you can no longer appeal to the rock layers as evidence of millions of years. Thus, the consistent evolutionist/old-earther has to deny the worldwide flood if they want to insert millions of years into the Bible...''.

Why would such a flood destroy 'most' previous rock layers (it might destroy some sedimentary layers)? You could assume that there was a global or regional flood at some past point in time but that the radiometric dates for igneous rocks - which are often very hard - are correct. The denial of a global flood around 4,500 years ago does not result from the evidence-based assumption that many rock layers are millions of years old.

And apparently if you believe at the time of your death in 'a form of uniformitarianism', deny that the Earth was formed out of water and through water by the word of God, and deny a worldwide flood as in Genesis then you are not (yet) a Christian - but are among the ungodly and will be judged with fire and destruction. I think that is presumptuous - even if you can quote some Bible verses about people (even thousands of years ago) who were scoffing about the second coming, a world created out of water, a global flood, and future divine fiery judgment.

The writer is insisting that if you believe the gospel you must also discard these other thoughts or beliefs in order to truly become a Christian.

The main warning in 2 Peter 3 is about scoffers (and some of them could be inside churches but that could also include those who have not accepted the gospel either): ... ersion=NIV
The writer warns not only about avoiding error but about living holy lives.
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