Letter Writing Time Again

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Letter Writing Time Again

Postby Roger Stanyard » Fri Oct 13, 2006 12:15 pm

I have drafted up a letter to write to my MP and was wondering whether anyone might want to check and comment on it before I send it out. I'm useless at proof reading and a novce at writing to MPs and I would like to get it right so that it serves as a template for others to write to their MPs.

FYI my MP, Mark Oaten (Lib Dem) did not reply to my last letter. My general feeling is that he is no longer interested in politics. He is at the end of his career (because of the widely reported three in a bed sex thingy) and is basically just biding his time until the next election. (He is standing down as an MP.)

Still, I think it is worth going through the motions.

Here is my draft:

To the Hon. Mark Oaten MP
c/o Gillian
13 City Road
Hampshire SO23 8SD
Tel: 01962 622212


From Roger Stanyard
Winchester XXXXXXX

Telephone 01962 XXXXXX

Email roger@dttconsulting.fsnet.co.uk

For the British Centre for Science Education

13th October 2006

Dear Mr. Oaten,

Further to my recent letter (27th September 2006) regarding the teaching of creationism (fundamentalist religious pseudo-science) in science lessons in state schools, I would like to draw your attention to the Early Day Motion (number 2708) on the subject tabled on 11th October by the Hon. Graham Stringer, MP.

The EDM makes direct reference to our organisation, the British Centre for Science Education and looks to be a result of serious concerns about the creationist organisation Truth in Science that we have raised with MPs and in the national press (see my letter in the Times, 3rd October 2006).

We hope and request that you to sign this EDM because of the serious concerns we have for the future of both science education and science-based economic activity, such as biotechnology, in the UK if creationism is taught as valid science.

We also hope and request that you ask your fellow Liberal Democrat MPs to sign the EDM.

Yours Sincerely

Roger Stanyard BSc, DipFin, MBA

Spokesman, British Centre for Science Education.
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Letter Writing Time Again

Postby Ian Lowe » Fri Oct 13, 2006 12:45 pm

Good letter Roger - the only thing I would say to anyone thinking of using
it is - be individual! MPs can smell form letters a mile off, and using the
self same text will backfire.

Here's mine:

Dear John Reid,

I am writing to ask you to support Early Day Motion 2708, about Science in

The circuses which we see in the United States with people trying to shout
down the teaching of evolution because of their personal religious views are
appalling, and positively harmful to the production of well educated
scientists and engineers.

I am deeply concerned that we now have the self same people trying to
subvert science education here, and feel that government needs to take a
strong role of defending science.

I am an atheist, and feel strongly about the presence of religion in science
education, but on this subject, all of the major religious groups agree -
mainstream Christians have long ago made peace with science, only the
fundamentalist fringe feels the need to cling to a literal creationist view.

Britain is a scientific nation - and people like Glaxo Smith Kline and the
Wellcome foundation are here because of our high quality science graduates.
The situation where 48% of our population apparently don't "believe in"
evolution shows how fragile our position is.

Please, support the EDM, and do what you can in parliament to continue to
promote proper science, free from religious interference.

Ian Lowe
Ian Lowe

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