YEC Bob Sorensen - compulsive liar exposed

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Sorensen describes his own behaviour

Postby a_haworthroberts » Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:31 pm
"This generation is seemingly rife with individuals (and organisations) whom deem mere assertions to be a legitimate form of evidence and simple denial an acceptable form of refutation, based on little more than 'feelings', prejudices, biases and personal sentimentality.
While it is recognised that television and the internet is a considerable factor in our reduced attention spans, there is no excuse whatsoever to go out of ones way to deny that which has just been provided before them, refusing to examine it, except that they have already made up their minds to the point where the facts do not matter in the slightest making these people contrarian 'trolls'...".
(I missed the bit where he proudly displayed for all to see his utter bigotry and intolerance towards anybody and everybody who challenges his bigotry and intolerance.)

The cowardly fascist liar is also falsely attacking me under another post (where this attention-seeking whinge was re-posted: ... m=facebook):
"We get some, including a criminal cyberstalker, who insist that they are right because they are right and we are wrong. No arguments, and no moral character to speak of, so they make up things to attack. -CBB."

This page gives the naked truth - and FACTS - about this pretend 'Christian' who is a servant nay slave to hatred and lying. It is TESTAMENT to Sorensen - a (second) career purveyor of lies, hatred, and hypocrisy.

Pure evil. He will never ever repent. He is committed to his evil. He is proud of it. (He even lies to himself.)

But hey - the apology for a human being named Carlos Trevino Jnr likes Sorensen's hatred and bigotry ...

Pure evil.

Did I mention that I hate this person intensely. Not Christians. But this person who is a Bigot and not a genuine Christian.

He knows I have exposed him as a liar and a fraud. Repeatedly. So - more self-justification to the cretins who follow him, and more distraction tactics (basically chucking mud that won't stick).

Let's hope there's no hell, Bob. You aren't on your way to heaven.
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YEC Bob Sorensen - dream on

Postby a_haworthroberts » Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:29 am ... rsals.html
''Deep time adherents cannot deal with the fact that the magnetic field shows the earth to be thousands, not millions, of years old ...''.

There's nothing to 'deal' with - it's fiction.

Which is why this crev article fails to show otherwise:
Magnetic field reversals, which may sometimes be rapid, tell scientists NOTHING about the (maximum) age of Earth. Absolutely NOTHING. There's no evidence eg within stalagmites that the planet's magnetic field has been decaying/weakening constantly since 'day 1'. Despite the unsupported physics claims that Coppedge has inserted within his later update.

And this topic is definitely NOT in the Bible.

But YEC is BEYOND scripture rather than scripture.
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YEC Bob Sorensen

Postby a_haworthroberts » Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:06 pm

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Compulsive liar Sorensen: hates facts loves propaganda

Postby a_haworthroberts » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:06 pm

a_haworthroberts wrote:
"Some jasper took exception to the comments I made about leftist bias on Bookface. He "proved my wrong" by linking to the leftist-biased BBC. Not smart. ... dmits.html ... -bias.html"

Some far right lying young earth creationist took exception to a comment I made on an open forum (that he is scared to join) and 'proved me wrong' by posting on his own closed page a couple of old articles from the website of the right wing Daily Telegraph newspaper - not smart.

I repeat - the fake news on Facebook mostly comes from the far right (and from Russian/pro-Russian sources). That is a fact. Which the BBC reported on eg after the EU referendum. The issue has rarely been out of the news, in the UK and America and elsewhere, in the past two years or more. The interference in democracy has been scandalous.

If Sorensen lies again about my post I will respond via email since this is veering off topic for the BCSE page.

Still waiting for you to score that goal Bob and prove me a 'liar' liar Bob. You were awarded a penalty two days ago - remember?

PS at 12.10 am:
(Putin prefers Trump to the Democrats.) ... fails.html
''On a side note, I was scolded by a miscreant for stating that the BBC was leftist and providing three supporting links. As expected, he retaliated. In this case, he dismissed two of the links because they were of the Daily Telegraph, a news source that is considered moderate, but he called "right wing". He ignored the content that was linked. Ironically, the third link that he ignored was indeed to a news organization with a Conservative bias.''

Sorensen is a far right extremist who hates anyone of a moderate political persuasion - and also an 'expert' on the British media apparently (as is his sidekick David Coppedge and those AiG zealots). So the BBC is 'leftist' whereas the Telegraph is 'moderate'. In their universe. Whereas the BBC (which people pay a licence fee to view) is moderate nowadays (and thus criticised from both the right and the left) and the Telegraph is and always has been right wing as well as somewhat anti-BBC (and shows it by giving that serial liar Boris Johnson a platform for his careerist rabble rousing). As in my 'retaliation' shown above, I will indeed ignore those links that Sorensen dredged up. Which date from 2007, 2011, and 2013. And are thus out-of-date. And Sorensen now even admits, helpfully (though their homepage is a bit of a give-away), that NewsBusters has a 'Conservative bias'. Or rightist if you prefer.

About that AiG article.

Here we go again from a (British) young earth creationist (whose background is definitely not science - it's theology): ... tion-test/

"... there is not a single piece of evidence that is consistent with humans having evolved from ape-like creatures (see Did Humans Really Evolve from Ape-Like Creatures)"
For instance the linked AiG article appears not to discuss human chromosome 2.

"The evidence from Scripture and the sequencing of the human genome are consistent with all humans sharing ancestry with one pair of human parents, Adam and Eve."

"Antibiotic resistance of bacteria is often used by evolutionists as an argument for evolution in action. However, this is the opposite of evolution and is just another example of natural selection working in conjunction with mutations. The bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics through mutation involves a loss of genetic information, which is the opposite of evolution."

"Evolutionists attribute all genetic differences ultimately to mutation. In contrast, multiple lines of scientific evidence reveal that most genetic differences stem from the initial creation act.3 "

"Lucy’s bones ... The truth is that she was a knuckle-walker, similar to a baboon or gorilla."

"However, the questions and answers ... only show that the evidence when properly understand contradicts evolution."
It's creationists and Bible literalists who contradict and deny evolution (which is their right but they should not make false statements).

PS Spoiler Simon also gives readers all the answers to the BBC quiz.
PPS Someone else didn't much like the quiz: ... evolution/ (I agree with his comment about question 5 - which is the one I answered wrongly)
'Take bad logic, stir in propaganda, add some falsehoods, serve lukewarm.'' Bob knows all about that sort of behaviour. He's a complete expert.

As for the bigot David Coppedge (I know from personal experience as well as his writings that that is what is exactly what he is) his vicious piece attacks Helen Briggs of the BBC rather than Paula Kover of the University of Bath who actually set the questions.

And next time I will keep my promise that any more Sorensen lies on this topic will be dealt with by email instead.

Because speculation that Sorensen is quite happy for Putin to try and falsely undermine the US Democratic Party is slightly off-topic on a forum about science education.
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Postby a_haworthroberts » Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:22 pm
''A feckless anti-creationist bigot, criminal cyberstalker, and spammer wants us to know how brilliant he is:

A feckless insecure 'biblical' creationist wants to remind his fanbase how much of a reality-denial bigot he is.

Not a real Christian.

Just a serial liar and fake.
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A 'Christian' fascist law enforcement officer defines troll

Postby a_haworthroberts » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:01 pm

Curtis Long. Who works for the liar Sorensen in his spare time.

Libels me on Sorensen's hate page (where the cowards ban the people they attack from replying) under an a link to an ICR article about brain cells: "But they still haven't found any brain cells for Hitler-Robbers. Too bad."

Then calls me a 'troll' for complaining on HIS facebook page. I wrote ""But they still haven't found any brain cells for Hitler-Robbers. Too bad." That attack on Sorensen's page is further proof that you are a hate-monger and liar - and not a Christian." His response? "Your ego is further proof that you are an insane troll. Get lost." ... 5&fref=ufi

Just another of the right wing bullies in today's America. (Our real enemy is Russia ie Putin and co, though their hero Trump needs to be constantly reminded of this reality for some unknown reason.)

This 'Christian' thinks false libel behind my back is perfectly OK. If I complain I'm 'trolling'.
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Liar Bob Sorensen

Postby a_haworthroberts » Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:58 am

Don't miss my new post all about you Bob:
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The absurd claims of YEC Bob Sorensen

Postby a_haworthroberts » Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:34 pm

He's exceptionally desperate to try and deny REALITY in order to sustain his hardline creationist beliefs. He's now even disagreeing with Answers in Genesis who repeatedly insist that there are NO aliens*. And he's even disagreeing with HIMSELF earlier in the same article (where he begins by saying ''Huge amounts of money are being spent on SETI and other efforts to find their imaginary friends: space aliens'')! ... ingly.html
Look at what he then latches onto:
''That interstellar asteroid ‘Oumuamua cruised within telescope range and then took off for parts unknown. Scientists still do not know what it is, especially since it didn't move in an expected manner. Is it an asteroid? A comet? Maybe it's an alien probe [link supplied to the 'Daily Wire'] that's just passing through. Or a different kind of alien spacecraft that was using a kind of sail technology. Could it be a probe using a sail?''

I don't think so.

But if an interstellar comet named Oumuamua disproves a 6,000 year old universe - and it does - then maybe it's an alien probe or spacecraft instead? Makes sense doesn't it?

Bob's gone truly wacky now. Agreeing - just because it suits his anti-scientific agenda - with something mentioned in the Daily Wire.

His arguments?
(1) There are NO aliens because Darwinist evolutionists are searching for them (and Darwinist evolutionists must be incorrect by definition).
(2) There are SOME aliens because Oumuamua might really have been an alien probe or spacecraft (no it was a comet or possibly asteroid - an INTERSTELLAR one) and thus young earth creationism has 'not' been utterly falsified (again) after all (because these aliens must presumably have been 'local' and able to propel their craft past the sun just 6,000 years after its creation).

* I heard a recent comment from AiG ruling out that interstellar asteroid Oumuamua was an alien probe or spacecraft (because Ken Ham insists that there are 'no' aliens even though nobody knows either way).
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