OU Natural Sciences Degree

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OU Natural Sciences Degree

Postby psiloiordinary » Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:35 pm

Well it is now official, having attended the welcome meeting today I am now formally an OU student working towards a Natural Sciences Degree :D :D

Having skimmed ahead a couple of the books already I am astounded by just how much of the material must be denied by creationists. Their tangled web weaves its way through practically every discipline you can think of and runs to the very heart of that time honoured technique of those absolutely certain of themselves i.e. shutting their eyes, putting their fingers in their ears and going, "la, la ,la . . ."

I may even start making a list as we go through the course.

So far I have touched upon global warming, the carbon and water cycles, a basic introduction to the atmosphere, basic rock types, the structure of the earth and the causes of earthquakes. Not a single one of these topics would be left unscathed by a self appointed creationist holy censor.

- - -

Here is to a few years of hard study ahead!


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