How did the ID designer know what to do?

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How did the ID designer know what to do?

Postby tubataxidriver » Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:24 pm

I have just been thinking about the rationale behind ID and the solutions the proposed designer came up with. Assuming for a moment that an ID designer did actually design everything, how did he/she/it know what to do and how to design something for the function intended? How did he/she/it know that to make a flagellum you would have to make the materials out of particular molecules, position these structures here, those there etc. When it comes down to design, there are always multiple ways to address a problem.

There must have been a time before anything was designed, and then the design took place, and then the design was done. He/she/it must had had some prior knowledge, if not huge banks of prior research, on all aspects of everything, examining the design options and showing the effects of possible arrangements, so that he/she/it could then select the right one. Coming up with the correct one from scratch in one go, without prototypes, would be very difficult. Have the proponents of ID ever addressed this issue? Where did the designer's knowledge come from? The amount of information would be enormous.

Perhaps he/she/it had (or perhaps still has) a test-bed trial universe where these options could have been worked on and prototyped, before finalising each design. There might be some automatic system in place for working through the possible options to come up with the best solutions. Maybe that's it. We're in the designer's test-bed universe using evolution and the laws of physics etc. to test out possible designs.
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