Weary of woo

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Weary of woo

Postby Brian Jordan » Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:26 pm

Oh dear, I've been distracted recently through being drawn, unwittingly, into the World Of Woo. That is, "Alternative" medicine. Not always the practitioners (a friend has a charming wife who is a homeopath who I don't think for a moment would deceive people - apart from herself of course.) but the people who deliberately promulgate antiscientific drivel. I make the point simply to put anti-scientific people's pleading religion into perspective. They seem to be just a sub-set of people who will deny the simplest science because it upsets what snake-oil salesmen have convinced them of. It does however, such people notwithstanding, still move.
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(Oh, btw, this subject was my work and believe me they are so wrong that the stupid, it burns.)
"PPSIMMONS is an amorphous mass of stupid" - Rationalwiki
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Postby macthornberg » Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:56 am

You have my condolences, but the tone of your post suggests a recovery is well in progress. As a practicing psychotherapist I am occasionally appalled by the use of pseudo-scientific terms such as "DNA theta" healing. I read what it is supposed to mean, but it means whatever you want it to mean. I hate "woo". I really hope no one can screw (am I allowed to say that) with my DNA. Is that the implication by use of the term DNA? http://www.pamsegal.com/12.html will show you what I mean. It all seems deliberately obscure and mystical. Argggh.

I have a confused understanding of the quantum world - it evades conceptualisation and doesn't intuitively hang together. It really irritates me though when these terms are filched in order to add scientific credibility to some process/product/therapy.
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