African archaeology

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African archaeology

Postby Anonymous » Sat Nov 04, 2006 10:28 am

For anyone with an interest in African archaeology, here is a very brief round-up of some news.

1. The Society of Africanist Archaeologists held their biannual meeting in June this year, in Calgary. Many of the presenters consented to having their PowerPoints placed online. If you wish to join SAfA and view the presentations, go to ... oc_id=9217 , download the abstracts and follow the "paper" link underneath the author's name.

2. I am planning on adding a couple of paragraphs to my short hominin evolution piece on the wiki which will detail why the 3.3 mya Dikika child is actually a hominin and not merely an ape as some creationists have naturally been spewing out.

3. A new Middle Stone Age site has been found in South Africa. The abstract of the South African Journal of Science article reads:
"We report the discovery of a major fossil-bearing and archaeological complex of karstic deposits at Groot Kloof in the escarpment of the Ghaap Plateau, around 100 km southwest of Taung. The region is known for open fluvial and lacustrine sites sampling Lower and Middle Pleistocene tool types and the long, but discontinuous sequence ofWonderwerk Cave. research at Groot Kloof has concentrated on two of four localities. One locality has yielded fossils from the Florisian Land Mammal Age and lithics that may sample a late Early Stone Age/early Middle Stone Age type industry. The second locality has been dated using U–Th to 248 ± 37 kyr ago for fossil-bearing tufa, and normal magnetic polarity for various tufa and breccia. The occurrence of fossils embedded within tufa rather than infilling a cavity is unusual. Small pockets of Later Stone Age artefact-bearing breccia and rock art also occur. The significance of Groot Kloof is underscored by current debate about the emergence of modern humans in which the appearance of modern behaviour is posited to have occurred in this and other and other regions during this part of the Middle Pleistocene."

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