MPs accuse ministers of twisting science

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MPs accuse ministers of twisting science

Postby Brian Jordan » Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:32 pm

A bit off-topic, but it shows their attitude to science.

MPs accuse ministers of twisting science for political purposes
· Evidence distorted to give figleaf of respectability
James Randerson, science correspondent
Wednesday November 8, 2006

Just a couple of examples:
"Professor Hope added that several researchers at a conference in 2003 were told at the last minute not to present work paid for by the Home Office, even though they were already on the conference programme. He believed this was because the Home Office wanted to control the way the information was released." and
"· Homeopathic remedies allowed to be licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency despite not meeting the same standards of proof as conventional medicines." ... 06,00.html

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