Don't show this to Answers in Genesis supporters

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Don't show this to Answers in Genesis supporters

Postby a_haworthroberts » Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:58 pm

Edit: or indeed the Institute for Creation Research. ... human-dna/

PS Nor this (though they prefer magical miracles to science which are what is required to maintain a YEC worldview in the face of the observable facts regarding these sorts of mostly extinct land animals): ... ment-54885
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CMI supporters are aghast

Postby a_haworthroberts » Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:28 pm

At this sort of thing: ... estion.cfm ... convention

See the recent comments under this:

(I sent the following comment to CMI, which of course they have ignored:
CMI are anti-knowledge. You are fighting a war against people who
accept science, including some Christians. You are fundamentalists,
full stop. You oppose non-propaganda (all views represented) with your
one-sided propaganda - aimed at the fundamentalist gallery ie your
extremist supporters who refuse to learn open-mindedly about anything
considered 'unbiblical'. (Except that fixity of species is indeed
biblical and thus even YOU ADD to scripture.)
"Rather, they show the order of deposition by the worldwide Flood of
Noah’s day...". That is impossible and is a gross LIE.
The DVD sounds fascinating. And this will be censored.")

Incidentally on that last point, Christian blogger GeoChristian has posted this (one of several comments repudiating absurd claims in a past Andrew Snelling article) on the AiG facebook page overnight:
"The order of fossils in the rock record (fossil succession) was described long before Darwin, and is summarized in the "geologic column" as Cambrian-Ordovician-Silurian-Devonian etc. One does not find mammals in the Mississippian, and one does not find trilobites in the Tertiary.
I am a Christian geologist, and am unconvinced by the efforts of young earth creationists to explain this order. They try to explain it through a combination of ecological zonation (deep sea organisms got fossilized first), hydrodynamic sorting (heavy things sink), variable mobility (mammals outran amphibians), and floating mats (certain organisms lived on floating islands).
None of these attempts to explain the geologic column work. There are marine deposits in the Cenozoic, and there are terrestrial deposits in the Paleozoic. Mice did not outrun dinosaurs. Fossil whales are not found with large marine reptiles.
But one of the greatest problems is that the fossil record does not just preserve individual organisms, or even species, but often entire ecosystems. A lake environment, with deep water, shallow water, and shoreline environments, does not have hydrodynamic properties, nor is it more mobile than other environments. In a worldwide flood, these ecosystems would be scattered. The young earth model doesn't explain the order of fossils in the fossil record at all.
Fortunately for us as Christians, the Bible says nothing whatsoever about the preservation of fossils. Therefore, if the YEC explanation for fossils does not work, no one's faith should be threatened."

Doubtless the AiG people moderating the page will pretend not to notice the comments or might even delete them.
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