Copy Number Variation - Bigger than we thought

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Copy Number Variation - Bigger than we thought

Postby Timothy Chase » Thu Nov 23, 2006 1:03 am

In the following piece:

Subfunctionalisation, Neofunctionalisation, and ...

... I had included links to articles detailing how there are other functions which are performed by duplicated genes during evolution than simply subfunctionalisation and neofunctionalisation. For example, sometimes the duplicated genes may act as back-up copies. Other times they may act to increase the degree to which a given protein gets expressed or permit different copies to be regulated and therefore expressed independently of one-another in different tissues or at different times during morphological development. Moreover, there may be variation in the number of copies which exist within different members of the same species. This is refered to as "copy number variation" or "copy number polymorphisms."

Recently they were able to estimate the copy number variation in our species and it results in genetic variation which is considerably greater than we thought - by approximately a factor of three, taking us from 0.1 percent to 0.3 percent of the genome. By the same token, the difference between humans and chimpanzees may be roughly 3 percent rather than 1 percent.

For more, please see:

Genetic jot that makes us unique
November 23, 2006, Times Online
Mark Henderson, ... 42,00.html
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