Rules of this Forum

This forum is for the discussion of the evidence for evolution. Anyone is welcome to post, however, scripture is not allowed. As the title says, Science Only please!

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Rules of this Forum

Postby admin » Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:40 pm

Welcome to the BCSE Science Only Debate Forum.

This forum is intended to be a place of scholarly debate, as such, this is not the place for discussing the validity or otherwise of beliefs. Rather, it should be used only to discuss scientific matters. You may be called on to provide references to support your assertions.

Simple Rules to make sure everyone finds their time here worthwhile:

    Stay on topic - if you wish to discuss something different, start a new thread, don't hijack someone else's discussion.
    No Personal attacks - discuss the science, not the person.
    No Scripture, or statements of Dogma
    Cite References
    Try not to interrupt a one on one debate. If you can add someting worthwhile to a discussion, feel free, however don't join in for the sake of it.
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