Scale-free Networks

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Scale-free Networks

Postby Timothy Chase » Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:48 pm

The following article emphasises the importance of scale-free networks in biology and elsewhere. Scale-free networks are characterised by a robustness and small-world architecture where a change may be communicated from one point in the network to anywhere else within the network with relatively few steps. Moreover, they easily emerge as the result of a process of self-organisation - which they further fascilitate. I will post some additional material a little later on this thread, but I thought the short article might interest people in the interim.

Digital Darwinian world reveals architecture of evolution
By Steve Koppes
Dec. 7, 2006
Vol. 26 No. 6

Steve Koppes wrote:Scientists have found the same network architecture of evolution just about everywhere they look. This architecture characterizes the interaction network of proteins in yeast, worms, fruit flies and viruses, to name a few. But this same architecture also pervades social networks and even computer networks, affecting, for example, the functioning of the World Wide Web.

It is worth noting, though, that some of the systems cited in this article exhibit deviations from a strict scale-free architecture. For example, the protein network of yeast exhibits an exponential core - which is believed to be relic of its original network, in essence, a living fossil of its formation.
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