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Creationism in Mainland Europe

Postby Roger Stanyard » Tue Oct 31, 2006 9:23 am

Russia: St. Petersburg court starts investigation of a schoolgirl’s
suit against teaching of Darwin’s theory;div=2185
26 October 2006, 12:10

St. Petersburg, October 26, Interfax - Oktyabrsky district court
started Wednesday considering a civil suit brought by a senior pupil who
complained about the teaching of Darwin’s theory, a court source told Interfax.

After the sides listened to each other, the court requested opinion of
experts in religion, theology and Marxist-Leninist ideology.

Experts from the St. Petersburg University will be asked to elucidate
some problems.

The next court session will take place on December 13.

The suit against the teaching of Darwin’s theory in school was brought
to the court by a senior pupil Maria Shraiber and her father, Kirill
Shraiber. The Russian Ministry of Education and Science is named a defendant.

Maria is a minor, and her father represents her interests. The
declaration says that the teaching of Darwin’s theory in school as the only correct teaching violates her right of choosing her philosophy of life and
insults her religious feelings.

According to the plaintiffs, they seek restriction on the teaching of
the theory of evolution and the indication in the curriculum that science
has proved no theory of the origin of man.

An ID website announces: ... design.php

October 31, 2006
Turkish Minister Supports Intelligent Design

In a recent TV debate on the Turkish educational system, the country's
Minister of Education, Mr. Hüseyin Çelik**, argued in favor of
intelligent design and for incorporating the theory into Turkish high school
biology textbooks. The debate was aired on CNNTurk* on 17 October 2006, on the popular TV show Tarafsiz Bölge (Neutral Zone), which is hosted by the trendy Turkish journalist Ahmet Hakan Coskun.

During the 2.5 hour-long program, the minister was challenged by
another leading journalist, Ismet Berkan, who has previously argued for
Darwinism and against ID in his columns. Berkan contended that the vague reference to "creation" in Turkish biology textbooks as an alternative to Darwinian evolution should be omitted, since it presents faith, not science.

Minister Çelik responded by pointing that the idea of creation is not
necessarily based on religious texts and that it can be based solely on objective evidence and the latter is what Turkish textbooks refer to. Moreover he gave a brief description of ID, by quoting an op-ed piece of mine — that was, interestingly enough, published in the newspaper that Mr. Berkan edits (Radikal) — and argued that it should be in Turkish textbooks as an alternative theory to Darwinian evolution. The 15-min discussion between Minister Çelik and Mr. Berkan is available here in audio, albeit only in Turkish.

New book: Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design Is Wrong for
Our Schools
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