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Creationism on the States

Postby Brian Jordan » Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:13 pm

...will we soon have it on the rates? Maybe, if Gove were to bring in the USA voucher system. A couple of articles show how the idea of giving people the money to buy education for their children has had the consequence - intended or otherwise? - of creationists and other fundamentalists running religious schools at pubic expense.
One Billion Of Your Tax Dollars Funds Anti-Science Religious Education Across The Nation
If you believe God created the universe in six days and rested on the seventh, if you believe the earth is less than ten million years old, and if you believe evolution is a lie from the pit of hell, then you’ll be thrilled that U.S. taxpayers are doling out $1 billion a year to fund private Christian grade school educations that teach all those beliefs as “facts.” And you’ll be thrilled to learn that $1 billion is increasing dramatically every year.

Welcome to the neat trick of publicly-funded private school voucher programs.
10 insane lessons religious schools are teaching American kids
How private voucher programs are using tax dollars to teach ideology
<snipped sub-heads:>
1. The Great Depression: Made Up to Spread Socialism
2. Nazis: Brought to you by Karl Marx and Charles Darwin
3. The Post-WWII Era: A Time of Crusades and Constant Praying
4. The ’60s and ’70s: Everything Goes to S***, Mainly Because the State Stops Killing Born People and Starts Killing Pre-Born Babies and… Freud.
5. Freedom of Speech: Gateway to Porn
A Beka Book also offers a great who’s who of American History throughout its catalogue.

1. Clarence Thomas: Greatest Example of Black American Achievement Yet
2. Ronald Reagan: Finally! A Non-Loser Patriot for President
3. The Clintons: Draft-Dodging, Economic-Crisis-Creating, Joint Presidents
4. George W. Bush: Awesome President Invades Iraq and Saves Mid-Born Babies
5. Barack Obama: Great for the Homosexuals
I'm not sure how the political stuff would translate to the UK but there are no doubt plenty of people who would like to blame Darwin for many things. I'm not sure how A Beka Book fits into the creationist spectrum but I've heard of it before in that context.
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Re: Creationism on the States

Postby jon_12091 » Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:40 pm

I wonder how much the US voucher system drives the economics of creationism - it must create demand for books, pamphlets and DVDs, as does homeschooling?
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