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Postby a_haworthroberts » Wed May 28, 2014 11:57 pm

Founded in 2010 and based in Dundee Scotland which is currently part of the UK and likely to remain so though possibly by a fairly small minority of the Scottish electorate: ... olas-team/ ... ularism-2/ (new article by Robertson) ... -1-3156429 (earlier article)

Director and Trustee David Robertson is concerned about dangerous 'new secularism' in Scotland and beyond. He is also a creationist (not sure whether a YEC or another sort, possibly the latter, and he has also claimed in The Scotsman to believe that "education is not there to tell people what to think but rather to teach us how to think"). He's certainly an anti-evolutionist (he apparently thinks that 'evolutionists' want to tell everybody WHAT to think at least regarding science and God) - though Robertson is a minister by profession and does not have an obvious science background: ... nters.aspx

The position of Alistair Donald, who does have a science background according to the second link above, appears slightly more nuanced (he appears to be an Intelligent Design proponent): ... on_divide/ ... Design.pdf

I do not get the impression that Solas, though certainly not theistic evolutionists, are right wing extremists (though Scotland is a rather liberal or 'lefty' sort of nation these days). One of the co-founders, Dr Gordon Wilson, has been much involved with the Scottish National Party most of whose leaders appears to be 'lefties'.

The above is something that extremist unofficial US-based Christian spokesperson Cowboy Bob should perhaps be aware of since it was via HIS blog that I came across the Robertson Christian Institute article of this week (the Christian Institute could I believe fairly be labelled 'fundamentalists' - ... -dark.html (see the reference to 'secularists' which links to the Robertson article)

I see there is a negative blog at 'The Freethinker' having a go at the new Robertson article - which largely covers the topics of abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality (in a rather negative fashion though he also adds that these particular secularists wish to 'destroy' Christianity and one of the - anonymous - comments underneath the blog AGREES this claim thus suggesting that the writer of the comment is a bit fanatical): ... cularists/.
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