Living Ediacara relatives?

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Living Ediacara relatives?

Postby Brian Jordan » Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:24 pm

Two unclassifiable animals, found among 1980's dredgings from off Australia may prompt search for living specimens.
Danish lead scientist Dr Jorgen Oleson, from the University of Copenhagen, said: “New mushroom-shaped animals from the deep sea have been discovered which could not be placed in any recognised group of animals.

“Two species are recognised and current evidence suggests that they represent an early branch on the tree of life, with similarities to the 600 million-year-old extinct Ediacara fauna.”

A new attempt may now be made to find other specimens of the creatures.
If Ken Ham wants to include a few animatronic ones clinging to the hull of his ark, there are both photographs and diagrams in the article.
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