Answers in Genesis praises Scottish Government's policy

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Answers in Genesis praises Scottish Government's policy

Postby Paul Braterman » Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:03 pm

Answers in Genesis praises Scottish Government's creationism teaching policy

The Scottish Goverment (through a civil servant; are they already planning a retreat?) has come out against the Scottish Secular Society petition asking them "to issue official guidance to bar the presentation in Scottish publicly funded schools of separate creation and of Young Earth doctrines as viable alternatives to the established science of evolution, common descent, and deep time."

Ken Ham, of Creation Museum and Noah's Ark project fame, praises them for this (the third time he has posted about the petition). Meantime, the Society of Biology has written to the Petitions Committee strongly backing the petition.

Because of an unexplained failure in the Parliamentary Clerks' Office at Holyrood, the Society of Biology position statement remained unpublished for five weeks after receipt, only emerging after the Scottish Government had stated its position.

The Petitions Committee is not a Government rubber stamp, and can ask the Government to reconsider.

There is still time to write to citing Petition PE01530, urging them to do this. More details regarding the petition, and submissions received by the committee to date, at ... smguidance
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