More hatred of science from the ICR

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More hatred of science from the ICR

Postby a_haworthroberts » Wed May 06, 2015 3:47 pm

If you are not convinced, though I have elaborated below on why this is 'hatred of science', you might wish to view these links and make up your own mind: ... UoyS2B0zIW (this is the article they link to - I'm assuming this is the WHOLE article)

Will these frauds tell us HOW this article is 'scientific suicide' or WHERE the article itself (I have not seen the magazine cover) says ""Belief: They drive everything we do. But our beliefs are built on…nothing" (I also note that this quote is INCOMPLETE and the missing bit cannot be easily checked)?

No - of course they won't.

Why won't they address what the article itself ACTUALLY says? Including: "Science is not exempt. The scientific method is based on verifiable evidence, and is thus not a belief system, despite frequent claims to the contrary. But scientists, as humans, are influenced by their own beliefs about what is important, what they might find and what their findings mean. Yet it is still by far the best way to distinguish what we believe from what we know."

Instead these hardline fundamentalists launch a clumsy attack upon the theory of evolution and the scientific method in general:
"Unfortunately, the secular scientists contradict their own assumptions when they accept the Big Bang theory and macroevolution as fact without observational evidence to support those beliefs. This point of view, naturalism, is the perspective driving the thesis statement of the New Science cover article. Naturalism is a fundamental pillar for all the variants of Secular Humanist philosophy such as socialism, communism, fascism, and Marxism. However, there is an underlying problem with this point of view. If the natural world is all there is, where do order, logic, mathematics, morality, ethics, justice, and love come from? How do we know that the extortionist, scam artist, or mass murderer is wrong in his beliefs? How do we know right from wrong? If we came from chance processes, how can we even trust our own thinking?
If we take the philosophy of naturalism to its logical conclusion it leads to anarchy and nihilism—concepts totally alien to science. Naturalism is oblivious to the very principles upon which true science rests."

Yes - the ICR are anti-science (because science is based upon the physical evidence and upon naturalism - even if a natural act/action, such as the recent earthquake in Nepal, could theoretically have been set off by God who blames human sin for earthquakes).
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Re: More hatred of science from the ICR

Postby Brian Jordan » Wed May 06, 2015 5:49 pm

Clearly still plenty to do when we stop fretting about the impending election; the anti--scientists will still be there in force and after our schools, whichever parties come out on top.
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