The truth about ID creationism and about YE creationism

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The truth about ID creationism and about YE creationism

Postby a_haworthroberts » Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:19 pm

Well, some of the truth about them anyway.

Two for the price of one: ... eationism/ ... asphemous/
Whatever the theological aspects, both are unscientific since they seek to stifle free enquiry in the interests of religious orthodoxy.

PS And yet another 'gem' from AiG's Georgia Purdom on her Facebook page when she was flagging the second link above and 'having a go' and trying to rebut - she was trying to be clever and was failing:
"He [Guy Consolmagno] then goes on to set up a straw man argument that people who believe in biblical creation treat the Bible like a science textbook. No we don't! I agree with him that science textbooks change all the time and so treating the Bible in the same way would be problematic. But when the Bible speaks about science, history, etc. we can trust it because it's the inerrant and infallible Word of God."
All YECs treat Genesis as 'infallible history' and thus, when it describes natural events, 'infallible science'. Real science does not in the least support Genesis. The Sun existed before Earth and the other planets. The fossil record is NOT a record of a year-long worldwide recent catastrophic 'flood'. And so on.
Georgia Purdom treats Genesis like a science textbook. One that can NEVER be altered, regardless of reality and regardless of new discoveries. FACT.
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