Online and movie attempted YEC indoctrination in America

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Online and movie attempted YEC indoctrination in America

Postby a_haworthroberts » Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:08 am

I've downloaded this from the website:
(downloaded from here: ... _EBook.pdf)
The target audience is middle school and up students (mainly in America I think) and presumably other people who wish to indoctrinate that demographic, especially their parents (the site appears to be riddled with incorrect spelling as well as questionable 'facts').
The film's director, producer and writer has NO relevant science background. But he was probably indoctrinated himself when younger - he writes: "My goal is pretty straightforward. I wanted to take much of the evidence used for evolutionary thinking, break it apart, turn it over, then re-assemble it in a more complete and effective way within the historical framework of Genesis." ... esk_id=545
He has written blog posts like this one (no comments permitted, apparently):
The e book includes a section headed 'Preparing for the Film'. It is aimed at parents, teachers and youth group leaders.

As an aside, all 13 scientists or 'scientists' (and a couple of scholars) behind this religious indoctrination are middle aged white males (which I suspect is not deliberate but simply a fact of life). (Two YECs who normally are considered relatively honest in their statements - Wise and Wood - are among them.)
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