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Jesus Camp

Postby ukantic » Thu Nov 23, 2006 8:50 pm

Let's rack up the Freddy Krueger moments:

The kids are forced to watch: Creation Adventure Team, which is a Jurassic Park take-off that suggest the world is 6000 years old.

The kids mouths are duct taped with the word "Life" to protest abortion.

Harry Potter, according to the movie is a Warlock which will send you to the pits of hell for watching him.

Children are sent away to "a Jesus camp" of sinful glutenous woman who makes them smash coffee cup to bring a christian government into power while the kids wear camouflage clothing and makeup.

Ted Haggard still looks gay, even though (get this) no one knew it then.

Jesus's "breath of life" is represented by a balloon, of which when we sin, the lady makes the balloon squeal by twisting the nipple of the balloon. (Yes I said Jesus and nipple in the same sentence.)

The Kid actually had a book called the "science of Creationism"

I'm sure they're more, but I'm typing this under my covers because I'm so damn scared the bible under my bed is going to eat me.
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