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Talking Point - Creationism/Intelligent Design

Postby ukantic » Sat Jan 13, 2007 3:12 pm

Should religious beliefs dictate what pupils are taught about the origins of the universe? In this episode of Talking Point, Sheena McDonald chairs a debate on the controversial issue of teaching Intelligent Design.

In a recent poll, 38 per cent of US teenagers claimed to believe that God created humans within the past 10,000 years; a trend that could soon be repeated in Britain.

Though the Archbishop of Canterbury says he does not want to see Creationism taught in science lessons, the OCR exam board recently announced plans to introduce creationist theories into the GCSE science curriculum.

In addition, 44 per cent of the British public said in a recent poll that Creationism should be taught in science classes. So does Intelligent Design qualify as a scientific theory, or is it political correctness gone mad?

Nigel Mcquoid, director for schools for the Emmanuel Foundation, is on the panel explaining what happens in his schools and how he thinks creationism should be approached.

He is joined by Professor Steve Fuller from Warwick University who speaks in favour of intelligent design being taught in science classes, and science teacher David Perks, who is worried by what he sees as an attack on the subject.

Finally, Andrew Copson from the British Humanist Association is on the panel challenging the rise in influence from religious lobbyists in schools.
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