It's not education

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It's not education

Postby ukantic » Sat Jan 20, 2007 10:35 pm

PETER Vardy (Echo, December 13), says that education of children in the region should come first. I'm sure we would all agree with that.

But why should we put £20million of public money and our children's minds into his hands when his Head of Science at Emmanuel College, Stephen Layfield, through "Truth in Science" was so recently asking
children to deny science and instead literally believe the creationist myth that the world was made in seven days?

Why should we finance Vardy academies when Nigel McQuoid, Director of Schools at Vardy's Emmanuel Foundation, wants history to be taught through questions like "Was Hitler unable to invade Britain because God decided that evil had gone far enough?".

This is not education. It is something else.

Education belongs in the community, influenced by many
parties. Our children's minds should not be placed in the hand of these rich religious fundamentalists.

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