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Postby Anonymous » Tue Feb 06, 2007 11:31 am

On the 26th January 2007, the BCSE received a request by the National Learning Centre to comment on the short reports emanating from "four
24-hour stakeholder conferences to explore how the new A Level courses under development, in biology, chemistry, physics and psychology could meet the needs of the next generation of science students", held at the National Learning Centre at the end of October.

"...A high-level implementation group composed of the Royal Society, Wellcome Trust and other funders and supporters of the conference, will meet on the 21st February to help ensure that the recommendations of the report are considered in the writing of the courses and texts currently being drafted, and in the presentation of the curriculum in the classroom. The group is also keen that future curriculum development can benefit from the process undertaken. I would therefore welcome your comments on the short reports, accessed through the following link: where hard copies can also be ordered."

The BCSE has submitted a comments report as requested and welcomes this opportunity to have a positive input into the development of the above curricula.

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