Ken Ham has Answers for Women

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Ken Ham has Answers for Women

Postby Brian Jordan » Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:31 am

That's what it says.
Creationist Ken Ham, in addition to being in the process of launching what, depending on individual opinion, is either the construction or reconstruction of Noah’s Ark, now appears to have answers for women. On his blog, Ham announced what he calls “conference-early-bird” discount for Answers in Genesis’ Answers for Women conference.

The conference, specifically intended for Christian women, as is emphasized in the blog post, deals with a topic they have named “Women Living After Eve,” and is led by Dr. Georgia Purdom with Joy White, Joy Fagan, Candi Finch and Mary Mohler as additional speakers. These women, whom Ham refers to as “dynamic speakers”, will teach other women the truths of God’s Word, which appears to be purpose of this conference.
The Answers for Women conference, according to an introduction on the site, appears to first and foremost deal with discouragements that women might experience toward the idea of living up to what’s expected of them in the Bible, something that to some feminists might seem outrageous. It appears, however, that Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis believe they have answers for women.
For those who don't wish to read further, the answer it seems is Dr. Georgina Purdom. There's a lot of her about at the moment - is she the answer to "who will replace Ken Ham"?
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Re: Ken Ham has Answers for Women

Postby Peter Henderson » Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:01 pm

with Joy White, Joy Fagan, Candi Finch and Mary Mohler as additional speakers

Wives of leading YECs ? Well, at least one is.

This conference has been running for a number of years Brian.
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