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A Bridge Too Far

Postby Brian Jordan » Sat Dec 12, 2015 12:48 pm

Who needs the late, unlamented, Bridge Schools Inspectorate anyway? Why bother when you can go unregulated and uninspected by masquerading as a "home school club"?
Ofsted targets ‘growing threat’ of unregistered schools
Peter Walker

Ofsted has set up a team of inspectors to crack down on unregistered schools, some based around religious faith, with the education watchdog’s head calling such establishments a “serious and growing threat” to the welfare of hundreds of children.
In a strongly worded and at times critical letter to Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, Sir Michael Wilshaw, warned that the number of children being educated in such unofficial schools was “far higher than is currently known” by authorities.

It is the second time in a month that the Ofsted chief inspector has written to Morgan to express alarm over the issue. In November, he said inspectors had found 15 unregistered schools educating about 800 children, some featuring squalid conditions or the apparent segregation of genders on religious grounds.

These were discovered after tipoffs and appear to have used loopholes involving home study clubs to avoid regulation. Some had an emphasis on Islamic or Jewish religious study, although some had no obvious religious affiliation.
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