Controversy regarding science and Christian apologetics

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Controversy regarding science and Christian apologetics

Postby a_haworthroberts » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:27 pm

It seems nothing gets past CMI:
They quote from this page at the Grasping the Nettle website:
“Instead, the Genesis Creation account is intended to reveal theological and anthropological truths, such as that there is a good and wise God who created the Universe at a beginning out of nothing in order to display His glory and, in love, to share it with mankind.”
They suggest that the apologetics site is guilty of "a denial of the historicity of Genesis 1–11 affirmed by Jesus and the New Testament writers". Note that the answers CMI take exception to mostly come from contributors rather than from Grasping the Nettle direct.

See also:
" ... Christians who hold creationist doctrines or theories of intelligent design which challenge the findings of orthodox science are also invited to travel with us on voyage in which they may discover that scientific truth informs our understanding of the world in which we find the God of our Christian faith...". CMI won't be travelling with them - but the appeal was seemingly made to individual creationist Christians rather than YEC apologetics organisations.
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