The famine recorded in Genesis

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The famine recorded in Genesis

Postby a_haworthroberts » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:26 pm

On 31 March I submitted a comment under this interesting blog post (which was originally dated 31 March rather than 1 April) but it still has not been approved: ... al-famine/
My comment read as follows:
I’ve now actually read this blog post in full. Whilst Genesis 45:6 could be taken as referring just to Egypt, there’s also Genesis 41:54 which (in the NIV) includes the phrase: “there was famine in all the other lands …”. It’s funny how little AiG and CMI have to say about this (biblical) 7-year famine which must have coincided with their (completely unbiblical) ‘ice age’ that allegedly lasted ‘just’ several hundred years (and must have involved unscientifically rapid melting of the ice sheets and glaciers).

If the comment still does not appear following a reminder today I will conclude that it is not only YEC Christians who practise censorship.

When I try post (for moderation) to link the author to this post, my comment does not even appear on my screen. Either there is a problem with his website or he is deliberately blocking me (which would be very odd as I not disagreeing with him).
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