David Anderson and "BCSE Revealed"

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David Anderson and "BCSE Revealed"

Postby Ian Lowe » Fri Jul 13, 2007 10:11 am

We are aware of a blog run by David Anderson, the minister of a small evangelical house church.

In the past, some of us have commented on both Anderson and his blog, and have found this to be unproductive and distracting from the matter at hand - defending and promoting science education.

Refuting the numerous and wide ranging allegations he has made against us would simply take time that is better spent on our campaign efforts. Anderson is not a neutral observer, but is in direct opposition to our goals. We have no desire to give a false sense of importance to what is, after all, an attempt by someone who is a Young Earth Creationist and believes that the earth is only 6000 years old, to derail and harm the important work that we are doing.

Clearly, our members and the other users of the BCSE Community are free to discuss this gentleman and his allegations; however, we would ask that they are not discussed here in the BCSE Community forums. In short:

    Posts which contain links to, or material from, this blog will be removed by the forum admin team
    New Topics posted about Anderson, or his Blog will similarly be removed

We would ask our members, and other Community users to help the forum admin team in this matter - it is for the long term good of the organisation that we remain focussed on the important things, and not waste time and effort on irrelevant distractions like this.

People looking for more information about the background to Anderson's blog may wish to read: http://bcserevealedrevealed.blogspot.com/, a Blog written by psiloiordinary, one of our members who says "Partly (perhaps even mainly) thanks to my conversations with David I decided to join the BCSE."

Ian Lowe,
on Behalf of the BCSE Committee.
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Ian Lowe

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